All that is the feel of Italy has been the inspiration for an annual exploration of this land. My colors have gotten bolder in the face of subtle spring and brighter summer light. We have rented a stone cottage at the Castelvecchi Vineyards in the center of Tuscany for several years now. Some of the best views in the world. It’s on the paper. My eye slowed to fully observe the delicate red poppy sprouting from a stone wall in Chianti, the tall cypress and the wild iris along the winding roads.

The rainy colors of the cloister in Monreale, Sicily moved me. The spring gardens of the Amalfi coast prompted me to paint the wind bent olive tree on the high, hovering coastline. Rental time near S. Marco in Venice allowed me to bring a bolder, festive brilliance to the paintings, mirroring the tempo of the place for me.

Santa Maria Novella cloister, Firenze